Boats– Katahdin Gear Library

The Katahdin Gear Library is a gear-lending library, outdoor adventure club, and public space for people of all ages to access equipment and tools, information and leadership, and to connect with people around a common interest in outdoor adventure and recreation. Learn more about it here, and follow the gear library on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.


During our boat-lending season (summer-early fall), please reserve your boat online or call us at 207-723-7020. Boats can be picked up via our curbside service.


The answers to the following questions may not apply during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be circulating boats through our curbside pickup service. Learn more here or call us at 207-723-7020 with questions.

When can I check out boats or paddle boards?

Whenever the library is open. In addition to our volunteers at the circulation desk downstairs providing regular library services, we strive to have at least one person upstairs dedicated to Katahdin Gear Library at all times.

What type of boats does the KGL lend?

We offer one-person kayaks, two-person canoes, and one-person paddle boards.

Can staff help transport a boat or paddle board?

While library staff can assist you in loading a boat or a paddle board onto your vehicle, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that it is secure.

What if I lose or damage something?

You are responsible for the replacement cost for any lost or significantly damaged gear. Replacement costs are below:

  • Life Jacket– $40
  • Kayak– $600, Kayak Paddle– $40
  • Canoe– $1200, Canoe Paddle– $30
  • Paddle Board– $800, Paddle Board Paddle– $40

Where should I paddle in the Millinocket area?

There are endless places in the Katahdin region to take your boat or paddle board, but a few local options are listed below:

Does the gear library accept boat, paddle, or life jacket donations?

At this time, we do not accept boat donations, due to limited space. Thank you for thinking of us!

Does the gear library do boat repairs?

We do not currently have the capacity to provide boat repairs. If you have skills in this area and would like to be involved, please email Matt DeLaney at


Gear library staff do not provide instruction in how to use the gear. However, below are a few video resources to get you started: