Brad Lavoie

Through funding from the Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC), Brad interned at the library during the summer of 2019. These are his reflections on his experience:

“I began working at the Millinocket Memorial Library in order to gain practical experience to better myself and be more prepared for later work experiences. I believe that I have achieved this goal throughout my time here at the library. I have found that the library works much in the same way as a large piece of machinery, with each component of said machinery working in unison to provide a central hub of information in a welcoming environment. I am glad to have been a cog in the machine.

My involvement in the multitude of services available at the library such as the Katahdin Gear Library and the Intro to Computers Class have been great additions to my internship by giving me the opportunity to hone my customer service and communication skills, all while growing the impact and reach that the library has into the community.

It is exciting to have seen the library grow throughout the summer, and to have had a real impact in many areas. I hope to finish my college education and return to the library, seeing all the changes and improvements that it has made.”

-Brad Lavoie, 2019