Cloud Library Offers Expanded Collection and More Universally Accessible Library Services

Have you made your summer reading list yet? Be sure to check out the Cloud Library, a service that allows patrons to download bestselling e-books and audiobooks for free from their tablet, smart phone, computer, or other device.

Through the Cloud Library, Millinocket Memorial Library patrons have access to a statewide collection of thousands of e-books and audiobooks to borrow from anywhere. The Cloud Library offers an expanded collection of titles and a better variety of formats from which patrons may choose. The Cloud Library is particularly useful for patrons who prefer large print books, as every e-book available through the Cloud Library may be converted to large print format.

If you have a Millinocket Memorial Library card, you already have access to the Cloud Library and its entire collection of e-books and audiobooks. If you do not yet have a library card, it is free and easy to sign up if you live or own property in Maine. Stop by the library during regular open hours or register for a card online. As soon as your registration is processed, you can access the Cloud Library on demand.

Still not sure where to start? If you or someone you know would like to learn more about how to take advantage of this service and you would like to have hands-on support, you can make an appointment at the library by calling (207) 723-7020 or emailing Taylor Sulander. These classes are made possible through a grant from the Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation.