Katahdin Gazetteer Visioning Workshop Wrap-Up & Dessert

09/25/2018 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Katahdin Gazetteer Vision Workshop Wrap-Up Presentation & Dessert
At this presentation, we will share back what we heard and learned from the entire Vision Workshop. As always, you will have a chance to react, ask questions, make clarifications, and let us know what’s missing. We will have dessert to celebrate all the hard work we’ve done together over the past few days and share upcoming dates for you to see a first draft of the Vision and Action Plan and continue to provide feedback.

What is a public visioning workshop?

It’s a multi-day interactive public gathering. It’s full of conversations and listening. It’s free and open to all, and all are invited. This is how we begin to craft a regional Vision and Action Plan that is built on your hopes and dreams for the future of the Katahdin Region. During the course of the Public Visioning Workshop, you will see a Vision and Action Plan begin to take shape. You will also see that it is developed in direct response to you and your neighbors’ feedback and ideas.

For more information about the Public Visioning Workshop and the Katahdin Gazetteer, please visit the Katahdin Collaborative website, email katahdingazetteer@gmail.com, or call (207) 794-4269.