Poetry Out Loud

04/25/2018 @ 7:00 pm
Millinocket Memorial Library
5 Maine Avenue
ME 04462
Ben Barr, Organizer
(207) 723-4146
Poetry Out Loud @ Millinocket Memorial Library


Poetry Out Loud will be held on Wednesday, April 25th at the Millinocket Memorial Library beginning at 7:00 pm.

This will be a time when poets, budding poets, and lovers of poetry as literature can come together to read either original works or the works of a favorite author. Books of poetry will be available to peruse and to choose a poem or two to read.

This will be for readers, writers and, listeners of all ages.

Depending on the number of readers willing to read a favorite poem or share an original will be allowed a few minutes to present the work and give all who want to read a poem or two the chance to do so.

This will be a non-juried where participants and attendees will respectfully listen and appreciate the works of poetry, both original and established works.

The event is free; however, donations to support the library will be welcomed.
There will be light refreshments available, such as cookies and apple cider.

April is Poetry month; this will be one event that can be promoted for the library and  encouragement of this literary genre.

It is hoped that the Teen Group and area students will be willing to participate and help out with the event. Respect for everyone is expected.

For more information, contact the library at 723-7020 or Ben Barr, Organizer at 723-4146.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Millinocket Memorial Library.
Poetry: It’s meant to be read aloud!