Katahdin Gear Library

The Katahdin Gear Library is a gear-lending library, outdoor adventure club, and public space for people of all ages to access equipment and tools, information and leadership, and to connect with people around a common interest in outdoor adventure and recreation.

The KGL is founded by the Millinocket Memorial Library, with support from Outdoor Sport Institute, Maine Community Foundation, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Bicycle Coalition of Maine to support healthy living, empowerment through knowledge, and community-building through outreach, communication, and volunteerism.

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  • To borrow a bike, please visit the Gear Library during open hours (Saturday 9-12, Tuesday 3-6, Thursday 3-6).
  • Borrowers must be 18 years or older, have a valid Millinocket Memorial Library card, and provide photo identification.  (Borrowers under 18 must have a legal guardian 18 years or older present with a valid library card.)
  • Gear Library staff will spend 30 minutes fitting you with a bike and providing basic safety information.
  • Borrower and staff will set a return date (during Gear Library open hours and within 7 days of the check out date).


The Katahdin Gear Library has tools and work space to wrench on your bike. Depending on staff availability, we may be able to assist you with your bike repair, but please schedule in advance if you require assistance by emailing matt@millinocketmemoriallibrary.org.


If you have a new or old bike in your garage that isn’t getting any use, please consider donating it to the Katahdin Gear Library. We will fix it up and help find it a new home! Stop in during open hours to make a donation.


The Katahdin Gear Library offers a number of workshops and classes for you to learn to ride, find trails, and work on your rig. For a complete list of upcoming events and to register for an event, please visit our Events section. You can also volunteer to help teach a class or work at the shop. Register below to sign up.

THANKS: The Katahdin Gear Library is an outreach program of the Millinocket Memorial Library, in partnership with Outdoor Sport Institute and The Bicycle Coalition of Maine, made possible through the generous support of the Maine Community Foundation, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and many private donors.

WHERE: The Katahdin Gear Library is a downtown branch of the Millinocket Memorial Library and is located at 96 Penobscot Ave next to Maine Heritage Timber.


  • Saturday, August 25, 12:30 “Getting Back on Your Bike”; Location: Katahdin Gear Library – 96 Penobscot Ave, Millinocket.
  • Tuesday, August 7 – 5pm – “Be Your Own Mechanic” with Bicycle Coalition of Maine; Location: KGH – 96 Penobscot Ave, Millinocket. REGISTER HERE
  • Saturday / Sunday, August 11-12 – Wilderness First Aid and CPR; Location: Millinocket Memorial Library – 5 Maine Ave, Millinocket. REGISTER HERE

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Are helmets available to borrow?

Yes, all participants are required to wear a helmet when riding a Katahdin Gear Hub bike.

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I have an old bike that I never ride just sitting in my garage. Do you accept bicycle donations?

Yes, please!

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Who is responsible if I break the bike?

When you check out a bicycle, you accept responsibility for any damages to the bike. Staff at the Katahdin Gear Hub will assess the condition of the bike if something breaks.

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How long does it take to borrow a bike?

Patrons should allow at least 30 minutes to fill out paperwork and go over the bike with staff.

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When and where do I borrow a bike?

Visit us at our new downtown Millinocket shop, located at 96 Penobscot Avenue on Saturday 9-12, Tuesday 3-7, and Thursday 3-7.

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I have a flat tire / busted cable / broken chain… do you have spare parts?

Yes, we have the most commonly sized tubes, cables, and chains available for sale.

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Can you repair my bike?

We have tools and parts to make basic repairs and will help you if we can, depending on the nature of the repair and the expertise of the staff member working. Contact matt@millinocketmemoriallibrary.org to set schedule a time or ask questions.

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Where am I allowed to ride the bike?

You are allowed to ride the bike anywhere that you would ride the bike if it were your own. We advise that you use caution if you are not familiar or confident riding bikes. In that case, we recommend you check our Events section for upcoming introductory classes.

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How long may I borrow a bike?

Borrowers may have the bike for up to 7 days from the time of borrowing. At the time of checkout, you will schedule a time during the Gear Hub’s normal hours of operation to return the bike.

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Do I have to be a Millinocket Memorial Library cardholder to borrow a bike?

Yes, you can register for a library card at the Library at 5 Maine Ave. Visit here to learn more.

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