Library Changes 2016

Library Changes 2016 —
Note from the Library: You may have noticed newly emptied shelves of your favorite category moved to a new location. We’re in the process of “tightening up” the collection, for two reasons:

several categories have expanded beyond our available shelf space (mysteries, paperbacks, fiction); and as we’ve put more time into bar-coding for automation, pulling as we go, more books are coming off the shelvNew Changes in Millinocket Memorial Library 2016es and going into storage.

Knowing that this can be distressing to book lovers, we hope it reassures you to know that we’ve been working in consultation with our Maine State Librarian to make sure we’re meeting official standards.

Collections are for lending (remember “Lending Library”?) and a large percentage of our collection is inactive. When a book gets taken out once in 5 to 10 years, it should be pulled (with a few other considerations) and anyone can borrow it through the State Inter-library Loan system.

As our Consultant said, “It’s a library, not a museum.” Many of us are horrified to think of that certain “classic” coming off the shelf, whether it’s Dickens, Shelby Foote’s “The Civil War”, or the “Fannie Farmer Cookbook”; we were told to pull it if it’s not going out. Also, we’re continually adding to the collection, with new books being bought every month.

If you want to know more, please see Martha Frost or Esther Gass. And we apologize for any distress!