Millinocket Literary Luncheon

MILLINOCKET LITERARY LUNCHEON ~ The Millinocket Literary Club’s annual spring luncheon will be held on Thursday, April 23rd, at noon, in the church hall at the First Congregational Church in Millinocket. The menu includes a chicken salad plate, dessert and beverages.

Featured attraction at the luncheon will be musicians, singer, song writer and guitarist Donald Pudney, formerly of upper state New York, now of Norcross. During his approximately 40-minute presentation Pudney, a self-taught musician, will talk about song writing and how some of his individual songs were Millinocket Literary Club Luncheon 2015developed. Pudney, who has played the guitar since the mid-1960s, has been influenced in his writing by Bod Dylan, Neil Young, Ian Tyson, John Denver and Dave Mallet.

Locally he received recognition thanks to well-known musician Mark Miller, who took an interest in his work. The two have performed on TV and played many times in the Katahdin area, including the Appalachian Travel Festival. According to Pudney, he places emphasis on the words and meaning in his music, much of which he draws from his own life experiences. Pudney plays a Takamine Santa Fe guitar. At the present time he is working on an album of his music, which he hopes will be completed in May. Pudney is looking forward, he says, to sharing his music with guests at the spring luncheon for he knows “… it’s all for a good cause.”

This year, in a one-time effort, part of the proceeds from luncheon ticket sales will be donated to the Friends of Millinocket Memorial Library to help support that organization’s current fund raising efforts and its efforts to see that the library continues to remain open. The library and other town departments face fiscal constraints due to the town’s current financial situation. The remaining money, as in the past, will help to fund college scholarships for graduating seniors.

Because the Millinocket Literary Club’s primary focus is on things literary and on books, the membership decided to donate a portion of the luncheon ticket sales to the Friends’ fund raising efforts, according to club president Shirley Thornton.

The spring luncheon is a long standing tradition of many years, first begun by the Senior Millinocket Literary Club and then continued by the current club. Among the speakers in the past have been artists, naturalists, authors and economic development personnel.

Persons interested in attending the event may contact Margaret Bond at 723-9615 or Shirley Thornton at 723-4937 to purchase tickets.

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