Special Edition Souvenir Library cards

Special Edition Souvenir Library Cards

Millinocket Memorial Library’s newest fundraiser is the Special Edition Souvenir Library Cards pictured here, $25.00 each. There are three (3) Mark Picard photos to choose from,

Special Edition Millinocket Memorial Library Cardsgenerously donated by Moose Prints Gallery. It’s a great way to support the Library, so stop by when we’re open to purchase your card!

The credit card size cards and key tags contain three (3) different images to choose from, generously donated by Anita Mueller and Mark Picard Wildlife Photography, Moose Prints Gallery & Prints in Millinocket.

Please keep in mind that the special edition souvenir library cards fund raiser are on sale for $25.00 and in limited supply. Due to the limited supply… the sale of the fund raiser library cards are first come first serve until they are sold out.

A reminder: Our standard paper library cards are free to anyone who lives or owns property in Maine.


Special Edition Novelty Library Cards
Purchased at Millinocket Memorial Library