Gear Library FAQs

What is a ‘gear library’? Why does this exist?

A gear library at its very core is just like your regular library, except instead of books, specializes in lending outdoor gear and provides knowledge on local recreation. But here at KGL, we are so much more than that. We hope to break down some of the barriers to outdoor recreation by creating an affordable way for people to get outdoors, and to support them with the knowledge to safely and confidently do so.

How long can gear be checked out?

Gear can be checked out for a fee for up to 2 weeks. Members get the first 24 hours of rental for free and are welcome to rent longer if they desire, but at the daily/weekly rates.

Can I reserve my gear?

We operate on a first come, first served basis so we do not accept any gear reservations. If you have questions about this, or are a Katahdin Region school or nonprofit, reach out to us directly at for additional information.

Can I renew my gear?

You may extend your gear rental period at the daily/weekly rates for up to a 2 week maximum. Once gear is returned, you must wait until at least the next open day before renting that same piece of gear again to allow others a chance to access the equipment.

I own secondary property (house, camp, rental, etc.) in the region, does this qualify me for a free membership?

Unfortunately no, this does not qualify you for a free membership. Free memberships are only offered to residents living in the Katahdin Region year round. Not only does a paid membership get you 24 hours of free gear rental each time you borrow, but it also helps us afford to keep operating our space and allows us to get even more people outdoors who wouldn’t otherwise have that opportunity.

How much gear can 1 person check out?

All adults must be present to check out their own gear. Parents/guardians are able to check out gear for anyone in their household under 18 years. If your household has a membership, anyone under that membership can check out gear for anybody else in their household.

What other services does KGL offer?

We have lots more to offer than just gear rentals here at KGL! We offer:

  • Maps of all the best activities in the region- from hiking and biking, to paddling and sightseeing. Bike repair services.
  • We service our own fleet of bikes, as well as offer basic repairs and tune ups to local residents and visitors. During open hours, our bike shop is also open for anybody to use and to do their own repairs if they have the skills.
  • A small amount of retail merchandise including KGL shirts, bike tubes, water bottles, stickers, and more.
  • Local knowledge on the best places to eat, see wildlife, trails to hit, etc. If you’re not sure where you want to go to get outdoors in the Katahdin Region, stop in and we can work together to suggest a spot that works for you and your group.
  • Youth and community programming. Everybody belongs in the outdoors and we do our best to empower each person that steps through our doors by giving them the knowledge and skills needed to safely recreate outside. We offer lots of summer youth and community programming so keep an eye on our social media for the next outing!