Katahdin Gear Hub Coming Soon!

Katahdin Gear Hub Coming Soon!

The Millinocket Memorial Library is excited to announce the launch of the Katahdin Gear Hub (KGH), a volunteer-led community bicycle and outdoor gear center where members can borrow gear (mountain bikes, snowshoes, skis), participate in workshops, and access other hands-on learning opportunities.

During the summer and fall, the Gear Hub will focus primarily on mountain biking and will serve beginner, intermediate, and experienced riders. For beginners, the Gear Hub will host classes on bicycle riding basics, traffic safety, and the basics of bicycle mechanics. Through our partnership with Outdoor Sport Institute, we are offering a free “borrow a bike” program for those who would like to get out on the trails but don’t have a bike. For intermediate and recreational riders, the Gear Hub will offer a great collection of books, maps, and access to a professional bike tool set, as well as a shared workspace downtown to work on bikes. More experienced riders are invited to access our resources and workshops and to consider volunteering at the Gear Hub to help teach classes, cover shifts in the shop, and help manage our mountain bike lending program.

Throughout the year, we will also be offering opportunities for patrons to participate in health and safety certifications and renewals, beginning on August 11th and 12th with a 2-day Wilderness First Aid certification class.

Join us on Thursday, July 5th at 5pm at the library to attend a screening of the 30-minute documentary film, Shift, and to learn more about how to participate in the Gear Hub. On Saturday, July 7th and Sunday July 8th, Outdoor Sport Institute is offering a 2-day Mountain Bike Leadership Workshop. Visit the Mountain Bike Leadership Workshop page to learn more and to sign up! For more general information and to sign up for the Katahdin Gear Hub mailing list, please visit the Katahdin Gear Hub page and join our Facebook group, “Katahdin Gear Hub.”

The Katahdin Gear Hub is made possible through a grant by the Maine Community Foundation and the generous sponsorship of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, as well as partnerships with Outdoor Sport Institute and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.