Katahdin Story Booth Project

Katahdin Story Booth Project

What: The Katahdin Story Booth Project is a community initiative to record and share the personal stories of the people that have lived, worked, and shaped the KatahdinRegion we know today. Through sound recordings, we invite people to tell their stories to each other, helping preserve our past as we prepare for the future.

Everybody has a story. What’s yours?

Local Business Audio | Katahdin Region

First Impressions Audio | Katahdin Region

The Mill Audio | Katahdin Region

Fun Stories Audio | Katahdin Region

 National Monument Audio | Katahdin Region

Who: The Katahdin Story Booth Project is a community project open to all. Residents, non-residents, children, and adults are all welcome to participate. Experience with journalism, storytelling, or audio recording is not necessary. Whether you have lived in the Katahdin region your whole life or you are just passing through, we would be honored to hear your story.

Where: Millinocket Memorial Library

When: Call the library at 207-723-7020 to make an appointment.

Why: It is both the ordinary and the extraordinary stories that connect people and strengthen communities through the simple process of storytelling.

How: You can sign up for an hour in the Story Booth at Millinocket Memorial Library by calling 207-723-7020 or email katahdinstoryboothproject@gmail.com. Participation is free, and you will receive a copy of your interview. We encourage you to bring a friend or a family member that you can interview or that will interview you. If you choose to come by yourself, we have volunteers that will interview you.

Other: A trained volunteer Story Technician will be at each site to set up the equipment and guide the process. The Story Technician will also provide sample questions to help guide the interview and be available to assist in any way that is needed. The Story Technician will ask to take your picture, but this is not required. You may choose to bring an item that is important to you that you would like to talk about or you don’t have to bring anything. You will be asked to sign a consent form that allows us to use your interview in our oral history project.

Katahdin Story Booth Project Consent Form

Interviewer’s Guide

Partners: This project was made possible through the generous support of numerous community partners, including Maine Folklife Center, National Park Service, GrowSmart Maine: Making Headway in Your Community, Designlab, and East Millinocket Public Library.