Meet the Candidates

Below are written or video statements from all of the candidates running for the Millinocket Town Council (3 year term) and Millinocket School Board this year.

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Voting FAQS:

The next election is November 2nd, 2021.
Visit the Millinocket Town Office (197 Penobscot Ave) during their hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 7:30-4:00) or register at your voting location, and bring:
  • Proof of identity: driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of residency: driver’s license or passport (if correct address is on it) OR current utility bill or bank statement with name and current address.
The in-person voting location for the Town of Millinocket is in the gym of Stearns High School, at 199 State Street.
You can skip the polls and request an absentee ballot online here or visit the Millinocket Town Office to request one in person.
Contact Millinocket Town Clerk, Diana Lakeman, at (207)723-7007 or with questions about voter registration, voting locations, or anything else related to local elections.
The "Maine Citizen's Guide to the Referendum Election" provides more information about all the referendum questions on the November 2nd ballot, including perspectives from people on both sides to inform your choice. Ballotpedia provides voting records, committee assignments, and more information on federal, state, and local elected officials.





“I’ve been honored to serve Millinocket as Chairman of the Town Council since November 2020 and as a councilor since 2017, Chair and founder of both the Sustainability and Youth Committees, and two years as a Board Member of the Katahdin Regional Broadband Utility. I’ve been a strong supporter of the Millinocket Memorial Library (MML) by ensuring that the Town’s funding commitments are reflective of the incredible and vital services that are being offered to our community members. I am proud to say that I have led the effort in increasing town funding to MML over time time on the council and plan to continue that support if re-elected.

So much progress has been made in moving Millinocket forward in the past year, much thanks to our incredible councilors, town staff, community volunteers and organizations that have taken on the many opportunities we have in front of us. As Chairman I have created transparency, fought for the youth of our town and formed the Youth Committee, welcomed Nautilus’ $300 million investment to the mill site, brought new resources to the Municipal Airport, increased support for the Library and their many initiatives, and so many more things while WE LOWERED THE MILL RATE all at the same time! A reduction of taxes with increased services — I want to see that progress through and ensure that the people of Millinocket are being served to the best of our ability.

Growth can only come through investing in the RIGHT things that attract businesses, families and younger populations while maintaining fiscally conservative and responsible practices. I firmly believe that investing in the Library, the airport, our emergency response services and supporting the efforts of the many local non-profits are necessary to attract businesses and provide a quality of life that would attract and retain a healthy workforce. Additionally, I have been pushing to create a more resilient community that could withstand the many pressures of the volatile world we live in. Being able to provide for ourselves and flourish is my top priority.

I have a deep love for this town, mostly inspired by all of those who live here. I would be honored to continue being a part of building and growing Millinocket hand-in-hand with newcomers as well as those whose parents, grandparents and great grandparents were founding constituents of the Magic City. As a councilor and more recently Chairman I have worked ferociously every single day to serve Millinocket. I don’t take days off. I am devoted, committed, and would be honored to continue serving you.”  


“After taking a year off from being an elected councilman I am running again because I have some real concerns as to how some decisions made by this council have adversely affected the budget and the taxpayers of our community now and moving forward. I also see a lack of patients leading to poor decisions and not allowing the orderly and legal processes recommended by legal counsel  to work which cost the town financially.

First is lack of priorities when deciding which projects should be moved forward and how they will be paid for. Also I see that committees are working far too independent from the council. They are making decisions that are for the full council to have input on before any solicitation for grants or contracted services. The Town manager search must be completed ASAP. The Mil rate is always a huge concern. It is still too high and even though it was reduced in this last budget cycle, it was only because of a 6% evaluation increase across the board which raised taxes on the people of Millinocket so it accomplished nothing of any tangible relief for the residents of the community.

Development of the Millsite and the creation of jobs within the community. We must not lose momentum as to the Data Center or other companies which wish to make Millinocket their home. Millinocket is on a slight uptick and her future depends greatly on marketing and developing the former Great Northern Millsite. Only through increasing revenue can Millinocket lower the burden on existing property owners and businesses. The future will be less the generation who presently live here now than the generation that we hope to attract in the upcoming years. High speed internet, good corporate partnerships, a strong vibrant downtown corridor, exceptional schools, recreation, a secure and well established hospital and of course young professional families will be the key to a strong sustainable and successful future. The Council must lead and work with all parties toward a common goal.

I believe I bring Maturity, experience, knowledge of the charter, compassion for my community, commitment, a lifetime of public service, the ability to work within the system to achieve results, and a good working knowledge of the budget and how to make it accountable to all.”



I have been a lifelong resident of Millinocket and my primary focus has always been on serving the children of our community, supporting a stronger infrastructure, and improving the overall quality of life for all residents. My goal will be to continue attracting businesses to the area and our former mill site, investing in the beautification of our Main Street, parks and public areas.

I realize the budget challenges we face and the much needed sources of revenue to support the shared goals we have for Millinocket.  It is essential that we address the infrastructure needs we have, high speed internet service to attract and retain the businesses and new residents to our town.  I want to ensure that the older adults have the resources and services they need.  I am also an advocate for sharing resources, services and programs across the neighboring towns in the Katahdin region.

My final thoughts would be that I am completely dedicated to the future vitality of this community and will continue to seek projects to improve the quality of life for all residents.


DONALD RAYMOND (2 year term)

“My name is Donald Raymond, and I am running for the school board. I grew up in Millinocket and after 20 years in the USAF moved back to Millinocket, where I reside. For the past 20 years, I’ve been the Information Technology Instructor at Northern Penobscot Region III where I retired last year. I am knowledgeable about the public education system and am willing to learn more about our local district, student achievement, and board member roles and responsibilities.

This past year has been difficult for all of us, particularly for those working to keep our schools open and safe for students, teachers, and staff. As a school board member I hope to be a conduit of communication and understanding for our school’s staff, students, and community. I know how to work as a team: how to listen, problem solve, and manage change while being respectful, understanding, supportive, and I hope to have your vote in November.”

WARREN STEWARD (3 year term)

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