William Geller, Author of Within Katahdin’s Realm, Visiting Library to Discuss History of Logging and Sporting Camps in Katahdin Region

On Thursday, June 7, from 3:30pm-5pm, historian and author William Geller will be visiting the Millinocket Memorial Library to discuss his book, Within Katahdin’s Realm: Log Drives and Sporting Camps.

Dr. Kreg Ettenger, Director of the Maine Folklife Center, will lead a conversation with Geller to discuss 151 years (1825-1976) of logging and sporting camps in the Katahdin Region.

From the summary of Within Katahdin’s Realm: Log Drives and Sporting Camps:

“The journey starts in 1825 when the first loggers began cutting along the river and driving their logs more than 70 river miles to the Bangor sawmills. It ends 151 years later in 1976, the year of the last drive. Maine’s sporting camp history in this region started with enterprising loggers and teamsters who were also trappers and guides who, beginning about 1870, took adventurous persons to fishing and hunting locations where they used tents or small trapper’s camps or logging camps. By the early 1890’s their camps became known as sporting camps.”

Thursday’s event will be recorded and archived as the first live audio interview in the Katahdin Story Booth Project. The Katahdin Story Booth Project is a community initiative to record and share the personal stories of the people that have lived, worked, and shaped the Katahdin Region we know today. Through sound recordings, the Katahdin Story Booth Project invites people to tell their stories to each other, helping preserve our past as we prepare for the future.

The event on June 7 is open to the public and will kick off the library’s “Maine Heritage: People & Place” series. Other programs in this series include Acadian fiddler, Gus La Casse, on July 10th at 7pm and local author Tim Caverly presenting, “So You Think You Know Maine” on July 17th at 7pm.